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Commission Pricing Chart

This is ONLY a draft!

If you would like to know the actual pricing of a commission (with requests) please contact me!

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Business Hours

Weekdays: 6PM-12AM

Weekends: 11AM-12AM



Revisions will always be accepted.

After three free revisions- $10 (depending on complexity of the art)

Prices can vary depending on MANY things!

Please draft out a sample order before requesting a commission!

  • Size!

                 (Large medium or small.)

  • Complexity! 

                 (How long it will take.)

  • Requests! 

                  (Specific details.)

  • Type of Photo!

                  ( Headshot, bust, full)

  • Text! 

                   (OC name, messages, etc.)      

  • Art Style! 

                  (Semi-realism, Realism, Cartoon)

Cartoon Style:

  • Headshot: $20-$30
  • Bust: $30-40
  • Full body: $40-50
  • Additional characters: depends on complexity 
  • Backgrounds: depends on complexity

Semi-Realism / Realism Style:

  • Headshot: $50-$80
  • Bust: $80-$110
  • Full body: $150-$200
  • Additional characters: $10
  • Backgrounds: depends on complexity

Note: These prices are just estimates and may vary based on the individual 's requests. Always discuss pricing with the artist (Ae) before commissioning to avoid misunderstandings.


As an artist, I take great pride in my work. While I strive to accommodate the needs and desires of my clients, there are times when I may have to decline a commission for various reasons.

I understand that it can be disappointing and frustrating to have a commission request declined. However, I would like to ask my clients to be respectful and understanding if this does happen. There are several reasons why I may have to decline a commission (as listed below.)

It is important to remember that I am not rejecting the client, but rather the commission itself. I value my clients and their support immensely, and I appreciate their interest in my work. By respecting my decision and understanding that it is not personal, it allows me to continue to create art that is true to my own artistic vision and values.

Furthermore, I would like to encourage my clients to communicate openly with me about their commission requests. If there are specific aspects of the commission that are important to them, they should express them to me upfront. This helps me to better understand their expectations and create a piece that they will be satisfied with.

I understand that having a commission declined can be disappointing, but I would like to ask my clients to be respectful. In the end, I believe that mutual respect and understanding between artists and their clients is essential for creating truly exceptional artwork. So, to all of my clients, I ask that you approach the commission process with an open mind and heart, and that you understand that sometimes, a declined commission can be an opportunity for both of us to grow as artists and individuals.

~Why your commission might have gotten declined~

  • Subject matter: The artist may feel uncomfortable with the subject matter of the commission, either due to personal beliefs or because it goes against their artistic style.
  • Time constraints: The artist may have a busy schedule and be unable to complete the commission within the requested timeframe.
  • Lack of experience: The artist may not have the necessary skills or experience to complete the commission to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Creative differences: The artist and the client may have different visions for the final product, and the artist may feel that they are unable to achieve the client's desired outcome.
  • Budget: The artist may feel that the client's budget is too low for the amount of work required, or that the compensation offered is not commensurate with the artist's time and skill level.
  • Unreasonable demands: The client may make unreasonable or unrealistic demands, such as requesting multiple revisions or expecting the artist to work outside of their normal working hours.
  • Poor communication: The artist may feel that the client is not communicating clearly or effectively, making it difficult for them to understand the client's needs and preferences.
  • Ethical concerns: The artist may have ethical concerns about the commission, such as if the client's request goes against their personal beliefs or values.
  • Availability: The artist may simply not be available to take on the commission due to other commitments or prior obligations.

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