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A Little Bit About me...

My name is Ae an artist who specializes in creating Realism. I absolutely love this form of art! I was drawn to the intricate details and vibrant colors that are characteristic of this unique art style. I work incredibly hard to perfect my craft and am always pushing myself to improve my skills. I spend countless hours studying various photo series, seeking new inspiration and techniques to incorporate into my work. Despite the challenges that come with being an artist, I am committed to my passion for art and am constantly striving to create even more breathtaking pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you accept commissions? 

Yes, I do! I am always excited to work on new projects and bring someone's vision to life.

How much do you charge for a commission? 

My prices vary depending on the complexity of the piece, the medium, and the size. You can find more information about my pricing on my commissions page.

How do I request a commission? 

You can reach out to me through the contact page on my website or through my social media accounts. Please include as much information as possible about what you are looking for in your commission.

How long does it take for a commission to be completed?

This can vary depending on my current workload and the complexity of the piece. I will provide you with an estimated timeline when we discuss your commission.

Do you offer revisions for commissioned work? 

Yes, I do! I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product, so I am open to making revisions as needed. Up to three free revisions!  {Revisions may be a new art piece, for more details please contact me.}

 How many pieces of art come with a commission?

Each commission includes 1 unique piece of art. This means that I will create an original piece of art based on your specifications. If you are interested in commissioning more than one piece of art, please let me know and we can discuss the details further.

I believe that each piece of art should be treated as a unique creation and should receive the attention and care it deserves. By focusing on one piece at a time, I can ensure that each commission is of the highest quality and meets your specific needs and preferences.

If you have any other questions or concerns about commissioning a piece of art, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm always happy to discuss my process and work with you to create something truly special.

Can I use the commissioned piece for commercial purposes? 

We can discuss the terms of commercial use when we discuss your commission. Generally, if the piece is for personal use, you can use it as you please, but if it is for commercial use, we will need to come to an agreement about licensing and compensation.


 What types of art do you specialize in?

 I specialize in a few different types of art, including semi-realism and anime. I enjoy exploring the line between realistic depictions and stylized interpretations, and often incorporate elements of both into my work.

How do you choose which type of art to use for a particular piece?

My choice of style often depends on the subject matter and the overall mood or feeling I want to convey. For example, if I'm drawing a portrait of a real person, I may lean more towards a semi-realistic style to capture their features accurately. On the other hand, if I'm creating a whimsical illustration, I may opt for a more exaggerated anime style to enhance the playful nature of the piece.

Do you ever experiment with other types of art? 

Yes, absolutely! While I do have my preferred styles, I'm always open to trying new things and pushing my boundaries as an artist. Sometimes I'll incorporate elements of different styles into a single piece, or I'll try out a completely new technique just for fun.

Can you create art in a different style if requested by a client? 

Of course! As a professional artist, I understand the importance of meeting my clients' needs and preferences. If a client requests a specific style, I'm happy to work with them to create a piece that meets their expectations while still showcasing my own unique style and vision.


 What do you make your art for?

 I make my art primarily for self-expression and to explore my creativity. I also hope that my art can inspire and bring joy to others.

What mediums do you work in/with?

I mainly work with digital art software. I use common, pay-to-use apps such as Procreate. I also use Photoshop, Ibis, and Clip Studio Paint.

What themes or subjects do you explore in your art?

I love exploring a wide range of themes and subjects in my art, from nature and landscapes to portraits and abstracts. I'm particularly drawn to exploring emotions and inner worlds, and I enjoy creating pieces that capture a sense of movement and energy.


Do you create NSFW (not safe for work) art?

 While I appreciate the human form and the beauty of the human body, I generally do not create NSFW art. My artistic focus is on exploring other themes and concepts, such as nature, emotion, and the human condition. However, I do understand that NSFW art has its place in the art world and I am open to considering commission requests on a case-by-case basis. If a commission request involves NSFW content, I will take some time to think about whether it aligns with my artistic vision before accepting or declining.

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